The Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) Grant funds support regional agencies in their efforts to support the acceleration of housing production and facilitate local government implementation of the 6th cycle Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA). REAP funding was provided to Metropolitan Planning Organizations, including the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).  One of the programs SCAG developed was the Sub-Regional Partnership (SRP) Program in which COGs received a funding amount based on their respective RHNA allocation.  Thanks to this funding from SCAG’s REAP SRP Program, WRCOG is able to provide the following resources to our member jurisdictions.

Affordable Housing Pipeline

The Western Riverside Affordable Housing Pipeline is a mapped inventory of known affordable housing projects in the WRCOG subregion that are currently in progress (either in pre-development or under construction) or recently completed (since 2022) and includes additional data related to affordable housing development.  The pipeline will be updated on a consistent basis to ensure the mapped inventory of known affordable housing projects in the WRCOG subregion is current.

Click here to view the pipeline and online maps.

Objective Design Standards Toolkit

The Objective Design Standards (ODS) Toolkit provides a range of ODS for multi-family and mixed-use residential development designed to address new and amended California State laws authored to increase housing production.  These laws require the review or streamlining of eligible projects through the use of “objective” design standards.  Unlike design guidelines, which are open to interpretation and discussion, ODS facilitate ministerial, staff-level project review and increased approval times.   This Toolkit contains a variety of “model” ODS gathered from jurisdictions across Riverside County and elsewhere.

Click here to access the Objective Design Standards Toolkit

SB 9 Toolkit

The Senate Bill (SB) 9 Toolkit is designed to gather best practices from recently adopted SB 9 ordinances and identify specific standards that local jurisdictions may customize as needed to adjust to its unique geography.  The Toolkit includes a fact sheet, development scenarios, and model ordinance.  Additionally, an infographic is available to visualize and simplify the subdivision and development scenarios, and permit process.  

Click here to access the SB 9 Toolkit. 

Click here to access the infographic.

GIS Underutilization and Sites Analysis

Underutilization helps jurisdictions identify locations that are built out substantially below what is currently allowed by zoning.  The analysis utilizes underutilization metrics so each jurisdiction can understand where, and by how much, properties are ready for redevelopment.  GIS data is available for each city to utilize with their own GIS systems for integration and use with other data that cities may wish to view alongside it.

Notifications: Grant & Other Funding Opportunities

WRCOG is provides monthly grant repository reports to highlight funding opportunities available.  This information is shared with the Planning Directors Committee.  Additional member agency contacts may be added to the distribution list, please contact WRCOG for this request.

Education: Legislative Update

Periodic housing legislative updates are provided to present information and implementation guidance on proposed and new housing legislation.  Jurisdictions are welcome to request deep dives into specific housing bills for upcoming Planning Directors Committee meetings.  Information and materials from past updates can be found in staff reports from past Planning Directors Committee meetings, accessible here

Local Housing Assistance

WRCOG is providing technical assistance on a variety of housing related activities.  Eligible agencies are limited WRCOG member cities. Interested cities should contact WRCOG to submit a request for assistance and review eligible housing related planning activities.