VMT Mitigation

VMT Mitigation Activities

This fact sheet provides a general introduction on VMT mitigation. WRCOG is currently conducting due diligence on a potential voluntary Regional VMT Mitigation Program to assist its members with mitigating VMT impacts. 

VMT Impact Screening Tool

A VMT impact screening tool was developed as part of the implementation study. The purpose of this web map is to serve as a screening tool for potential VMT impacts associated with select land use projects in the WRCOG planning area in compliance with the SB 743 changes to the CEQA statute and its associated CEQA Guidelines.  Access the tool here 

VMT Calculator Tool for Small Projects 

WRCOG developed a VMT calculator that assists with VMT estimation using data from the regional model (without needing to run the local model).  The tool can be used for most small projects that do not meet VMT screening requirements.  The tool can also help local jurisdictions with reviewing VMT estimates developed by consultants.  Please note that this tool is not a catch-all and is only one tool that may be utilized when analyzing VMT.  Access the VMT calculator tool here

Senate Bill 743 Implementation Assistance

WRCOG conducted an implementation study of Senate Bill (SB) 743 that developed localized guidelines, thresholds, and mitigation measures related to SB 743 to assist jurisdictions. SB 743 mandates that lead agencies will need to determine appropriate vehicle miles traveled (VMT) methodologies, thresholds, and feasible mitigation measures to implement SB 743. This study was conducted in order to reduce SB 743 implementation costs that could have otherwise been incurred by individual agencies pursuing independent implementation efforts.