Administration & Fees

WRCOG is designated as the program administrator for the TUMF Program. As administrator, WRCOG receives all fees generated from the TUMF as collected by the local jurisdictions. WRCOG invests, accounts for, and expends the fee in accordance with the TUMF ordinance, the administrative plan and applicable state laws.

To submit a project and receive a TUMF obligation, please see the Fee Collection Policy for instructions and submit via our fee calculation and collection portal


WRCOG's administrative duties are explained in detail in the TUMF Administrative Plan.

Fee Calculation

On January 1, 2021 the fee will be increased to $9,810 for a single family home, but will remain the same for all other land uses.


TUMF Exemptions 

The following documents are provided to assist in the calculation, application, and collection of TUMF Program fees.
Online TUMF Fee Estimator
The online fee calculator tool allows stakeholders to input project-specific information and receive fee obligation estimates for development projects.  Click here to estimate TUMF fees.