6. Water

Western Riverside County's economic well-being and quality of life depend on securing a reliable supply of water to meet the existing and future demands of the subregion. WRCOG supports continued conservation efforts that can reduce water use, strengthening and improving the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta levees and ecosystem, and supporting the identification and construction of alternative means for conveying water to Southern California residents and businesses.
  • Support legislation and legislative actions that promote alternative water resource development such as recycled water, storm water reclamation and groundwater desalination.
  • Support efforts that preserve local control in addressing and mitigating the impacts of on-going drought.
  • Support legislation that examines a variety of water storage methods.
  • Support legislation that provides funding to local governments for water quality and conservation-related programs.
  • Support legislation to improve the state's water infrastructure and delivery mechanisms without causing excessive financial burdens or delivery delays to Southern California.
  • Oppose legislation that would delay implementation of the California WaterFix and California EcoRestore.
  • Oppose legislation that shifts or re-aligns local ad valorem property tax revenues approved by local voters for vital water and wastewater infrastructure.