5. Transportation

In order to meet the needs of Western Riverside County's current population and sustainably accommodate future growth, the subregion must expand the capacity and efficiency of its transportation network. WRCOG supports legislative efforts to direct investment towards transportation infrastructure, not only for roads and highways, but for transit, goods movement, and non-motorized transportation. WRCOG also supports collaboration with regional transportation agencies to impact transportation funding and regulatory policies to bring equity and fairness to the inland Southern California region.
  • Support Federal and State efforts to provide sustainable and stable funding for the transportation system.
  • Support efforts to ensure that communities in Riverside County receive fair and equitable allocations of transportation funding at the Federal, State, and regional level.
  • Support legislation that gives priority to self-help and "super" self-help counties when allocating bond funding and other transportation funding mechanisms.
  • Support legislation to improve access and funding to public transportation.
  • Support legislation and funding mechanisms that support and encourage the use of transit and non-motorized transportation, including active transportation.
  • Support legislation that enhances the safety of city streets and arterials for vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic.
  • Support legislation that will reduce traffic congestion and support regional transportation programs.
  • Support legislation that provides funding for goods movement-related projects and studies.
  • Support legislation and funding opportunities for upgrades and/or separations for at-grade crossings.
  • Support legislation that provides increased funding for non-motorized planning and projects.
  • Support legislation that increases local flexibility in the allocation of transportation capital funds.
  • Oppose legislation to eliminate or restrict the use of Riverside County State Improvement Transportation Funds, federal transportation funding, Measure A, or Gas Tax funding for local transportation projects.