7. Other Local Government Issues

The active presence and vitality of local government continues to sustain the subregion. WRCOG supports legislative initiatives that preserves and expands local jurisdictional control. Further, recognizing that well-designed land use and planning decisions are vital to the successful growth and development of the subregion, WRCOG supports legislative efforts that promote strategic land use and development practices that maintain and/or increase local control. Finally, to promote the safety and well-being of all residents in the subregion, WRCOG supports legislative proposal that broaden access to timely public safety assistance and to the justice system.
  • Support legislation that requires additional transparency and communication in State and Federal legislative and commission activities.
  • Support legislation and legislative actions that require the Governor and the Legislature to pass an on-time budget that does not rely on borrowing or taking from local governments.
  • Support legislative actions that protect the rights of jurisdictions to plan and govern their own communities.
  • Support legislation that would offer funding and assistance to enable jurisdictions to continue redevelopment activities.
  • Support legislation that would restore funding to newly incorporated cities in Western Riverside County resulting from the loss of Motor Vehicle License Fee revenues.
  • Support legislation that provides ongoing state funding for mandated planning projects such as the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, Sustainable Communities Strategy, General Plan Housing Element updates, and other planning initiatives under AB 32 and SB 375.
  • Oppose legislation that prevents a local government from entering into or negotiating a franchise agreement with a local service provider.
  • Oppose legislation that reduces state funding for local activities but still requires local governments to maintain existing service levels and responsibilities.
  • Oppose legislation that calls for additional state and/or federal mandates absent funding.
  • Oppose legislation that seeks to take away local control and give more control to the State.
  • Oppose legislation that creates restrictions on local control of land use and development.
  • Oppose legislative actions or reform measures that penalize jurisdictions for non-compliance with state-mandated Housing Element update schedules.