4. Health

Activities Health outcomes influence educational attainment, economic opportunity, and similar factors, critical to a high quality of life. Riverside County has a poor state and national ranking in several key health indicators. Contributing factors including a lack of clinical care (e.g. access to health care facilities, insurance, and professionals), social and economic conditions (e.g. income, education, jobs, and safety), and environmental quality (e.g. park access and air quality). WRCOG supports legislative activities that increase awareness of health challenges impacting Western Riverside County; foster a natural, social, and economic environment conducive to optimal health; and empower the subregion to address these challenges in a collaborative sustainable manor through the provision of requisite tools and resources.
  • Support legislation that reduces state regulatory barriers that impede the provision of health services to Western Riverside County.
  • Support legislation that facilitates regional collaboration in addressing health and healthcare problems.
  • Support legislation aimed at increasing institutions that offer training and residency opportunities for healthcare professionals in exchange for contractual services.
  • Support legislation and legislative actions aimed at increasing the number of hospital beds in the region.
  • Support legislation that increases local government authority to oversee location of community care facilities and transportation options to the care facilities.
  • Support legislation that supports continued financing and development of the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine to attract and retain healthcare professionals in the region.
  • Support legislation that provides funding and other assistance for the development of a Youth Master Plan that contains plans and programs for special needs children (i.e. parks, recreational needs, and housing opportunities for children with special needs).
  • Support legislation that creates an information exchange or information network where residents can access available support services and data on specific issues.
  • Support legislation that facilitates Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) streamlining for efficient hospital construction.
  • Support legislation that promotes the development of walkable communities.
  • Support legislation that coordinates health goals with economic development actions.
  • Support legislation that seeks to improve the level of physical activity among adults and children
  • Support legislation that seeks to improve access to affordable, healthy foods.
  • Oppose legislation that could potentially establish unnecessary barriers to the creation and construction of healthcare facilities.