3. Energy & Environment

WRCOG is committed to the conservation of natural resources and the advancement of alternative energy sources to promote ongoing sustainability of the subregion. Energy conservation and efficiency can help residents, businesses, and jurisdictions save money, improve air quality, and protect the environment. WRCOG supports legislative efforts which support innovative "green" technologies, facilitate energy conservation and efficiency, and promote alternative energy activities to extend the benefits of these actions throughout the subregion while meeting the demands of the growing population.
  • Support legislation that removes barriers for and provides funding to expand the WRCOG Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Programs.
  • Support legislation that provides incentives for the private sector and local governments to voluntarily implement energy saving measures.
  • Support legislation that establishes and preserves the role of local government in energy decisions, particularly for activities pertaining to electricity generation, supply, demand, and conservation to ensure adequate supply for, and reasonable costs to, residents and businesses.
  • Support legislation that provides incentives for the production and use of clean alternative energy sources.
  • Support legislation that encourages emission reductions from sources under federal control (e.g., caused by planes, trains, and ships) and increased emissions monitoring methods.
  • Support the continuation of air quality management at the air basin level rather than at the statewide or individual county level.
  • Support legislation that permanently extends federal alternative fuel and vehicle tax credits and incentives.
  • Support legislation that would encourage the development of alternative fuel facilities.
  • Support legislation that encourages the expansion of solid waste conversion technologies.
  • Support legislation that increases markets for recyclable or compostable materials.
  • Support legislation to enable the efficient recycling of organic material.
  • Support legislation that implements programs to reduce litter and illegal dumping.
  • Support the increase of fines and/or confiscation of vehicles for individuals and companies caught in the act of illegal dumping.
  • Support state loans, grants, and loan guarantees for businesses implementing source reduction programs and utilizing post-consumer recycled materials in the manufacture of new products.
  • Support legislation that encourages the proper disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Support legislation that implements Extended Producer Responsibility principles aimed at removing the cost burden for disposal of these products from local jurisdictions and agencies.
  • Oppose waste management requirements that would put local jurisdictions at risk of not meeting AB 939 requirements, or create excessive costs absent funding.