1. Economic Development

Western Riverside County is a subregion rich in diversity, resources, and labor. Key legislative priorities for WRCOG support establish a common vision and brand identity for the subregion.
  • Support legislation that encourages technology to assist jurisdictions and the education system in attracting potential businesses and educating future workers (e.g., wireless Internet access).
  • Support legislative action that streamlines the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process and modernizes CEQA law.
  • Support legislation that would encourage employers to open satellite facilities for residents that work outside of Western Riverside County, implement telecommuting, and other transportation demand management strategies.
  • Support legislation that expands marketability of the subregion, and provide opportunities to "brand" Western Riverside County as a destination location and a desirable place to live, work, and play.
  • Support legislation that would institute an equitable geographic distribution of state funding for the development of programs that will improve the subregion.
  • Support legislation that facilitates collaboration between local government, education, and business.
  • Support legislation that would maintain and/or allocate grant funding for coordinated local and regional economic development efforts.
  • Support legislation that would lead to job creation in the WRCOG subregion, especially permanent, living-wage jobs.
  • Support legislation that encourages the creation of jobs near housing to improve the jobs / housing balance.
  • Oppose legislation that would encourage or incentivize businesses to leave Western Riverside County.