Prescribed Burns

RCHCA, in cooperation with CalFire and the Lake Mathews Reserve Management Committee, are planning to conduct a prescribed burn May 22 and 23, 2019, within the Lake Mathews Multi-Species Reserve.  The fire will be approximately 375 acres in total with about half of the acreage being burned on each day.  The burn is in accordance with the Lake Mathews Multi-Species HCP Management Plan, and CalFire's Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) for the area.  There will be a small (approximately 30 acres) follow up burn on June 2, 2019, for training Junior Fire Explorers working with CalFire.  CalFire will inform the public through newspaper notifications, social media, and signage along major roadways the day of the burns.

Finally, please note that there are many fire-related management activities planned for the next month so.  You may see some smoke; however, the burns will all occur south of Cajalco Road on RCHCA property and are in accordance with the SKR HCP, RCHCA Management Plan, and CalFire's Orchard VMP.

Upcoming activities include:

  • May 22 and 23:  Within the Lake Mathews Multi-Species Reserve
  • June 2:  Small burn at Lake Mathews (approximately 30 acres)

Smoke may be seen from the Cities of Riverside and Corona in Riverside County. 

If you have any questions please contact Brian Shomo (951) 840-8070 or